Parking Enforcement

APP Parking has been hired by various businesses to enforce their parking rules and regulations.

Pay Your Parking Ticket Online

Early Discount

If your payment is received within 7 days from the date on the ticket, the amount owing is reduced; refer to the ticket for the exact amounts. Any payment received after the 7 day discount will be at full amount. Please note that the $75.00 ticket violations do not receive the discount.

Appealing Your Ticket

If you believe you have unjustly received a parking ticket, you have the right to appeal it within 72 hours. All appeals will be reviewed in a timely manner, along with the pictures we would have taken at the time of the violation, and any other documentation provided. A decision will be made and if you are found at fault you will have 7 days from the date of the decision to still receive the discount.

General Reasons That Appeals Will Not Be Accepted

Below are some commonly listed reasons given by Parkers for violating parking regulations. While these reasons may seem valid to the violator, they do not address the parking policies we are enforcing. The following reasons will not result in violations being dismissed.

  1. Short Errands/It was only a few minutes – No errands, no matter how short or how important to the driver short of a bona fide medical emergency, is an acceptable excuse for illegal parking. A short errand is a very common excuse. It is not a valid reason for an appeal.
  2. Running late for class/personal errand/appointment – Being late does not permit the driver the privilege of parking illegally.
  3. No place to park/the lot was full – Other than being an invalid excuse, this in fact, confirms the driver’s liability. It is every driver’s responsibility to locate legal parking.
  4. I didn’t see the sign/I don’t understand the sign – Drivers are required to look for signs when parking. This may mean checking an entire lot corner to corner. Drivers are also required to abide by the directions on the sign. A person indicating that they did not see a sign regulating parking is not an acceptable excuse.
  5. Only part of my car was illegally parked – A violation is not based on a certain percentage of the vehicle being illegally parked. If part of the vehicle extends into a restricted area/or the adjacent stall, the violation is the same as if the entire vehicle is encroached.
  6. I left someone in my car; I left my parking lights on or blinking; I left a note in the car as to my whereabouts with the motor running – Many drivers seem to think that evidence of a short stay mitigates the offense. It does not. The presence of a passenger, a sign or blinking lights does not satisfy this purpose and, therefore, does not constitute a valid reason to appeal.
  7. Someone else had my car – The registered owner (R.O) has joint responsibility with whoever was driving the car. Unless it can be shown by the R.O. that the car was driven without permission, the R.O, renter or lessee is responsible for parking charges.
  8. Nobody else got a ticket – Sometimes this excuse is raised as discriminatory enforcement. All parking lots are checked on a consistent basis.
  9. An official saw me park and didn’t say anything/ or said it was ok for a few minutes – Employees have no authority to give permission to break the rules on parking. Whenever possible, security will caution about illegal parking, but silence by security does not waive parking restrictions.
  10. I bought a dispenser receipt and parked in a different lot – Not all receipts are transferrable, receipts and signage will indicate to appropriate place to park.
  11. I forgot my permit/it was in my other vehicle – It is the responsibility of the permit holder to have their permit properly displayed. If you do not have your permit, then you need to park in a convenient Pay & Display Lot and purchase the time required.

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