Oilfield Security Services

  • Remote Camp
  • Pipeline Security
  • Security Road Radar Patrols
  • Transportation

Remote Security Camp Services

All Peace Protection has been a leader in remote camp security in the Peace Region. Security Guards are trained to deal with the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Patrolling
  • Drug Awareness
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Communication Skills
  • Reporting and Documenting
  • Incident Report

For major incidences or camp concerns All Peace Protection has been brought in to deal with Security concerns mostly dealing with alcohol and drug related incidences.

Below are some of the Oilfield Camps which All Peace Protection has provided Camp Security for:

  • CIVEO (formely known as PTI Group)
  • Trans Canada
  • ESS Compass Canada
  • Aramark Camp Services
  • Alberta Sustainable Resources (2012 Fire Camp contract and Pine Beetle contract)
  • Tailsman Energy
  • Alberta Sustainable Resources 2013
  • Seven Generations Camps
  • Surerus Pipelines

Tanghe Creek Camp Security

ERSD - Banff

Pipeline Security Patrols

All Peace Protection has provided pipeline patrols for our oilfield clients. Responsibilities include monitoring of the pipeline to ensure there is no vandalism to the pipe and also the monitoring of the machines and equipment on the right of way. All Peace Protection provides security guards and marked security vehicles for the patrols.

Security Road Radar Patrols

Speeding is an issue along the private oilfield roads. All Peace Protection Security road patrol would like to utilize a speed radar gun to enforce the private roads.

Process would be as follows:

  • Security vehicle will be parked alongside a private road
  • Any vehicle caught exceeding the posted speed limit, information will be passed onto the road owners for further enforcement
  • Information collect would be: Company name, Unit number, License number (If able)

It is illegal for a security guard to pull over a vehicle but they will try and gather as much information as possible from the speeding vehicle.


Last year, All Peace Protection provided transportation and shuttle service for a local oilfield company. Services included picking up workers from the Grande Prairie Airport and transporting them straight to the pipeline location in Manning and vice versa when the workers were ready to leave the site. All Peace Protection would make the arrangement to pick up the workers and drop them off at the Grande Prairie Airport ready for their flights. All Peace Protection will have security trucks and a shuttle bus available for the shuttling service.

Community Involvement