May 21st 2013

Local Business takes on Provincial Contract!

By Aaron Hinks, Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune


All Peace Protection was fortunate enough to score this year’s provincial forest fire contact.

Once a large wildfire breaks out, All Peace Protection will be the company the province calls to secure camps while others are combating the flames.

“We look after the whole province,” said Joseph Alaimoana, manager of APP.

“We get a call and have four hours to get people to wherever they request. We’re kind of on call right now through the summer.”

Last week All Peace sent eight guards to Drayton Valley and Rocky Mountain House to assist with security.

The province generally picks four security companies for wildfire season. All Peace Protection was ranked first this year, last year it was ranked second.

The duties this year will likely be similar to the ones last year, said Alaimoana.

“When firefighters were out we made sure no outsiders came in to steal anything, we were responsible for fuel tanks for the helicopters and we were responsible for monitoring the helicopters too,” Alaimoana said.

“Last year we were second on the list but because all the fires were up in High Level we actually went to all of them. There was about a dozen camps we did in the summer, and it was late, we were called in July.”

"We're off to an early start this year."